Scheduled restarts for your DD-WRT router

DD-WRT is an excellent router OS that can allow you to have complete control over your home or office network. I highly recommend it.

If you want to restart your DD-WRT router every night for whatever reason, there’s an easy way to go about it. You can define bootup/startup scripts for your router to run whenever it starts. These can be defined in Administration -> Commands on your the DD-WRT router’s web interface.

To restart your router every night at 11:45pm, add these commands to startup:

printf "#!/bin/sh\nstartservice run_rc_shutdown; /sbin/reboot" > /tmp/restart_router
chmod a+x /tmp/restart_router
echo "45 23 * * * root /tmp/restart_router" > /tmp/cron.d/restartrouter

And that’s it! (Make sure you either ssh in and run these commands manually when you set this up for the first time, or save the startup script and restart your router once, to kick everything off initially. After that it’ll do it by itself every night at 11:45pm).

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